In 2014, we created Where To Next so we could make art on our own terms. There was no business strategy nor three year plan, we were just two friends who decided that it was time to let our dreams run free. 

Armed with curiosity, weekends became opportunities for us to bring people to the outdoors and witness them fall in love with it. By telling stories, we could make others feel less alone and more understood.

In 2020, the world shifted and the future of travel is uncertain. Our platform was inspired by our adventures, but we aim to go beyond it. We want to hold space for people to speak their inner truths, pay attention to their set aside dreams, and be closer to causes that are bigger than ourselves.



It started as a Facebook chat. We created a travel planner in 10 days and decided to publish it online.


We didn't want to be just another shop so we started curating stories on Instagram to inspire people to travel with passion and purpose.


We started bringing people to the outdoors & organizing workshops revolving around our love for stories.


We realized we can use our platform not just to spread awareness to causes we believe in, but we can use our art to fund solutions too. A portion of our yearly proceeds now funded livelihood projects of Aeta communities in Yangil (& later on Botolan).


Life Stories evolved into a card game. We also had our first physical planner launch at Corner Market.


Working on grants with Forest Foundation. This path is new to us but a reminder that we still have room to grow!

2021 - Today

We've been through peaks and valleys, and now dwelling in the in-betweens.

Travel for us is no longer the desired end. It is just a means to connect and change people through our art.

Movements only happen when the message can move without you. Thank you for spreading our stories in places we would never be able to step foot on. And thank you for allowing us to hold space for your stories too.