Places That Move Us

Why we made this

We humans have evolved to detach ourselves from our original home. We built walls and cities, became obsessed with making things faster and acquiring more wealth. While we move farther from nature, however, nature still exists within us.

It is when we choose to look outward that we remember a fundamental truth — who we are is shaped by the natural environment that sustains our life.

In the pages of this journal, we hold space for the places and people that taught us that our ties to the earth are still here. They taught us that a better world is possible when we choose to remember, when we choose to come together. The sooner we realize that we are part of nature, the sooner we will find peace and the drive to protect who we are and what we can be.

This was made in collaboration with Forest Foundation Philippines, 50% of the proceeds will go to NTFP-EP Philippines, a network linking people and forests in the Philippines. They mostly work with indigenous and local communities, looking for opportunities for sustainable livelihoods while also protecting our environment.

What we did

  • Creative Direction
  • Long-form Writing
  • Illustration
  • Promotions

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