Travel to Taitung

Travel to Taitung

Taitung is located on the southeast coast of Taiwan and is known as one the most laid-back cities in the country. Here, old traditional houses remain in the place of concrete shop dwellings, and Taiwanese and indigenous people interact and coexist.

Taitung is home to the longest, 176 kilometers to be exact, stretch of coastline in the country. Taitung also has one of the only two saltwater hot springs in the world as well as the world’s deepest underwater mailbox.

Travelers from around the world keep coming back to this county because of Taitung’s great weather, its friendly people, and hospitable accommodations. users voted Taitung as one of the “Top 10 Most Welcoming Places on Earth '' in 2020 as well as the “World’s Most Welcoming Region” in 2021.

As a traveler, you could easily stay for two weeks in Taitung and do something new every day.

Begin your time in Taitung by visiting one of its seven indigenous tribes. Early inhabitants, such as the Amis tribe, the Bunun tribe, the Rukai tribe, the Paiwan tribe and the Yami tribe as well as later immigrants, all have contributed to the current diverse cultural landscape of Taitung.

Don’t forget to make room for tasty meals in Taitung. One crowd favorite is chewy rice noodles served in a hearty broth with shaved bonito flakes on top. Every homemaker in Taitung has their own secret recipe for "Pig Blood Jelly Soup." When people think of classic Taiwanese food, this delicious soup often comes to mind. 

Using ingredients from the mountains and the ocean around Eastern Taiwan, local restaurants come up with delicious dishes during the once-a-season Taitung Slow Food Festival. Taitung enjoys a rich culinary scene because of the abundance of local agriculture. For instance, Taitung is home to pungent roselle, indigenous red quinoa and Chenggong swordfish.

Next on the list is a ride on a hot air balloon in the beautiful East Rift Valley. The Travel Channel named the Taiwan International Balloon Festival, which has been going for 10 years strong in Taitung, as one of the World’s 12 Most Spectacular Balloon Festivals. 

Culminate one of your evenings with the Starry Taitung Night Concert where you could lie down on the grass and soak up the starry night while enjoying the beautiful rhythms of nature meeting the ocean.

Travelling to Taitung is more than just a vacation. It’s a full immersion in the beauty of this special place.


All photos are authorized by the Taitung County Government
In cooperation with Atrip Taiwan

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