Open Call 2021

Open Call 2021

The most powerful stories are the ones that let you be part of it. While Where To Next started between two friends, the art we have been recognized for has always been from the community. This year we are launching another open call to invite you to be part of the conversation.

The Theme: Returning to our roots

Some connections are born out of chance - a genetic lottery that pairs us with our blood families, or a geographical location that bonds us as a nation. Other connections are formed out of intention - when a stranger decides to reach out, to ask questions, and to listen.

Whether by accident or by choice, our identities are shaped by the communities
we belong to. Perhaps when we learn more about where we came from, we gain a deeper appreciation for who we are now.

Who is it for?

This call is not for everyone. It's for the people who are looking for a platform for their art even when they feel scared and not worthy. It's for the people who spend their free hours and nights creating things that make them feel alive. Those who feel compelled to let their story out. If these statements resonate with you, fill up this form:

What kind of stories are you looking for?

You can interpret the theme any way you want to, but here are some questions that can help narrow down your focus:
  • In what ways has your upbringing influenced your beliefs and interests?
  • Who is your favorite teacher and what did you learn from them?
  • What story do your grandparents tell most often?
  • Was there a time you felt confused about your identity, or where you belonged?
  • Where do you feel most safe and seen?
  • Whom do you want to thank, but haven't yet?

Until when can I apply?

The last day of submissions is on April 18, we will respond to all applicants by April 30.

If I get chosen, what will the process be like? 

The people we choose to work with will be asked to contribute a story or artwork related to the theme. We'll ask you to share a chapter of your life in the form of a poem, an essay, or visual art. The deadline for the final output will be mid to late May. In return, you will receive five copies of the new planner, the opportunity to use our platform to promote your work for an entire year, and a consultation call should you need us to advise on an upcoming project.

Apply now:


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