Open Call

Open Call

Stories are a constant part of our lives. From bedtime tales to podcast episodes, good stories have a way of transporting us to different worlds. They help us make sense of our feelings and encourage us to act on them. 

The most powerful stories are the ones that let you be part of it. While Where To Next started between two friends, the art we have been recognized for has always been from the community. And this year, we want to invite more people to be part of the conversation. 

Our 2021 planner is an ode to our in-betweens. The moments where we know what we want and yet we still don't have a clue how to get there. The choices. The confusion that comes after. The calm that comes once we realize we can try again.


There is so much literature out there dedicated to honoring milestones. But when we put so much weight in the need to arrive at a certain state, we end up not enjoying the process of figuring it out. We want our next planner to hold space for the ordinary. We want to include more voices and perspectives to give justice to this theme. 

This call is not for everyone. It’s for the people who are looking for a platform for their art even when they feel scared and not worthy. It’s for those who spend their free hours and nights creating things that make them feel alive. Those who feel compelled to let their story out. If you are passionate about writing, photography, or other forms of visual art, fill up this form:

The process is simple. You just need the courage to hit send. We will review your portfolio and see if it aligns with our direction. We won't be judging based on expertise, our main criteria is alignment. Does your story fit with the narrative we want to tell? Will we enjoy working together? Apart from your portfolio, the way you communicate and how you respond to our inquiries will also provide us insights on your character. 

The people we choose to work with will be asked to contribute a story or artwork related to the theme. We will ask you to share a chapter of your life in the form of a poem, an essay, or visual art. In return, you will receive five copies of the new planner and will have the opportunity to use our platform to promote your work for an entire year. 

The purpose of your contribution is two-fold. First, you get to practice your art. And second, a portion of the proceeds from the planner will also fund projects of the Aeta communities in Botolan and Yangil, Zambales. It will go to reforestation and livelihood initiatives that are community-led. 

The last day of submissions is on February 21 and we will get back to all our applicants by the first week of March. Please spread the word to your friends, we can’t wait to see what we end up creating together! 


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