Hard choices, easy life

Hard choices, easy life

I’m a big believer in following your own path through life. It’s what I’ve always done and it’s been incredibly challenging and wildly fulfilling all at once. I feel so conscious of the finite nature of life that living any other way feels like a waste of the immense potential we all have.

I used to believe I only had one creative calling and it was photography. That was what I was most recognised for, so I thought it was my thing. Everything else was pushed aside. Now I realise my calling is not limited to one thing; I am just called to create. Today that might be through writing, tomorrow it might be through music, ceramics, or even food. 

Through my vulnerability online I want to make others feel less alone. Through what I teach I want to make others feel empowered and inspired. I want to hand people the tools that will help them live their best lives. I want my art to shine a light in a world that is too often dark.

I created The Daily Map as a guide for people who have creative dreams but don’t quite know how to make them happen. It’s the map I wish I’d had for my own journey, made over two years and filled with the tools and systems that I’ve developed over my career.

A friend shared a quote with me just last night that went: Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life. It took a little while for those words to sink in but when they did, they left an imprint on me.

When you keep choosing the easy options in life, you move further and further away from a life of growth, fulfilment, and authenticity. When you make harder choices (to follow your dreams, to be true to yourself, to take risks) you live a deeply rich and meaningful life.

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