Journaling with #WTNPlanner

Journaling with #WTNPlanner

One of our resolutions is to find a system that allows us to be more accountable for our dreams. We get excited by new ideas but lack the drive to follow through. In our quest, we stumbled upon Bullet Journaling.

Any new habit can be overwhelming at the start. It is completely fine if your journal spreads look nothing like what you see online. You decide what matters but here are a few things that worked for us:

1. Gratitude Log - Take a moment to think about what you're grateful for. It can be everyday things you encounter that give you comfort or certain people that help you grow. To help build the practice, try doing it daily for a month. 

2. To do list - Going back to work after a holiday break can be stressful. You have a pile of responsibilities to accomplish. You're uncertain if you have the will to complete it. Break down your big tasks ito small actionable steps. Ticking off a few will give you the momentum to accomplish the rest.

3. Scrapbook - While this is not a part of the bujo method, we think that mementos have a place in our planner. Small items like bus tickets, museum passes, and polaroids can serve as reminders of our adventures. Some people call this omni-journaling, for us, it's just our way of being sentimental.

4. Monthly Spreads - 
While our planner has dotted pages where you can exercise your full creativity, we also have structured pages that can help you see the big picture. Write down the events and big tasks. This spread is meant to help you see which weeks are heavy with activities. Don't forget to reserve time for rest. 

5. Mood Tracker - 
Most of the members of our community have a sense of purpose and drive to help others. But looking after our own mental health often ends up at the bottom of our task lists. If we truly want to be in service of others, we must also learn to take care of ourselves. A mood tracker can serve as a check-in. By recognizing your emotions, you will be able to reflect on what causes them. 

At the end of the day, what you write is more important than how it looks. Aim for progress rather than perfection. Learn more about our planner features here



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