Creative Space: Karen De La Fuente

Creative Space: Karen De La Fuente

When talking about creative spaces I always imagine my headspace (and how crazy it is in there) - exploding with colors, shapes, shadows, silhouettes, and whatever I've encountered throughout the day. 

What is your ideal work routine? What does a good day look like?

Before creating, I always remind myself to set intentions first & imagine the roads I’ll be navigating throughout the process. It’s important for me to have a dedicated open space with mind maps and a skeleton just so I could express myself freely and get the output I need. 

In my line of work where schedules and deadlines are all over the place, I have to make sure I can deliver wherever I am. So my headspace is always my battleground. One thing I’d remind myself is to always leave time for exploration & experiments, especially in creative projects.

A good day would be getting a chance to see the worlds around me and learning more about them, even in the most normal of settings. 

What does your space look like? How do you make it personal? 

My actual workspace is really always just a simple black table facing a white wall but surrounded by things that inspire me plus a bookshelf with one level dedicated to space-related toys, some prints and posters on the wall, random funny things, and CDs. Since the way I process information is through visual input, I found it so much easier having these things around me, as well as access to my favorite books and zines as prompts. 

I guess in the same way my brain retains details that strike me every day, my headspace has a messy bookshelf of visual encounters. 

What activities help you get into the "flow"? 

I like seeing normal life happen in places I’ve never been or never really stopped to observe. It helps me realize the importance of encounters - that sometimes is the subject of my work. I love listening to music and going to gigs, watching films, visiting museums - all in an effort to understand the world more. It’s important for me to also take some time to process and then channel the feelings I want to express in editing or producing art. 

For days when you lack drive/motivation, how do you get unstuck?

When I get stuck I usually take a break and re-evaluate the maps I’ve made for that particular project. I consult with my friends in the creative industry too, to gather different perspectives. 

I’ve been stuck so many times with so many different projects, I think the best way is to really just let them be alive on their own. If it’s not working as you imagined, there might be reasons for that. 

What is your biggest struggle right now? 

Figuring out how to navigate our lives and endure in a pandemic. It’s a big transition and it’s really overwhelming but I do hope we’ll all be able to weather through this and fight. 

What lesson did you learn recently that you would like to pass on to others?

Don’t be fucking afraid. 

...Life is as much darkness as it is light. … In the darkness we must learn to rekindle the light, we must find meaning, and in turn, we must let go of the darkness too. (from good design advice) 

Story and photos by Karen De La Fuente
To learn more, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.


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