Creative Space: Carmen del Prado

Creative Space: Carmen del Prado

What is your ideal work routine? What does a good day look like?

It was such a big change for me when the lockdown happened because before that I was barely at home in manila. I was mostly out of town for work. I suddenly found myself stuck at home, feeling uncertain, and having to readjust to this new life.

My ideal day is when I do get to get up early and appreciate my mornings. I start with yoga, read a book, and make breakfast or brunch. This is my favorite meal of the day cause it's so exciting and I get to finish work earlier in the day with a lot of time to spare for happy things, like learning something new online, catching up with friends and family online, or watching films. 

What does your space look like? How do you make it personal? 

I’m sharing an apartment space with housemates and it's been great so far. My personal space has changed so much in the span of this lockdown, I’ve managed to turn it into my office space, a photo studio, a pottery studio, a yoga studio, and a makeshift “cafe” depending on what I feel. I guess it’s about being able to create things and spaces that make you feel happy to be in. The overall vibe is to bring the beach and outdoor vibes indoors. 

I personalize my space with things that make me feel at home. Artworks from friends, little pieces from my travels, crystals, and rocks from friends and the places I’ve been to around the Philippines, books, and my surfboard designed by my good friend Luisa Jimenez and SKWALA surfboards.

For days when you lack motivation, how do you get unstuck?

If I’m feeling stuck, anxious, or unmotivated I try to do a workout or dabble in other hobbies. Lately, it’s been cooking, learning new recipes, or cleaning a space because I guess it’s being able to start something and accomplish it in just a few hours or less. There is that instant gratification. I’ve also learned that setting small goals throughout the day helps. 

What is your biggest struggle right now? 

Being able to concentrate on my personal projects. I get caught up mentally with work and deadlines that I forget to create things for myself again. It’s been a lot harder to manage my time when we’re at home most of our days. 

I get caught up mentally with work and deadlines that I forget to create things for myself again.

What lesson did you learn recently that you would like to pass on to others?

Being in the present, having that self-awareness that you are living today. 

If there’s anything I learned from this lockdown, it’s learning to love “slow living”. The patience of watching your plants grow from seedlings to plants, the process of learning something new, the struggle to start something, the unsettling middle ground - mistakes and all- and the rewarding finish.

Follow whatever inspires you at that moment. That way, your whole being is geared towards that particular task, so it is both efficient and fulfilling. 

What recent project are you currently working on?

It took me a few months to figure out what Organic Cinema is, and ever since you asked me about describing a creative space it has become that. Organic Cinema is my creative space. What started as a collective of a few friends is now this space. That space where I can create freely, another avenue to do collaborations with friends. Sharing work in progress and sharing freely the process of it all. We feel the pressure of always having to produce and show finished work but we forget that the process of getting there is a story in itself. This place is meant to flow freely - organically, so to speak. Cinema refers to everything in movement whether it be art, stills, video, anything that creates that flow. 

Story and photos by Carmen del Prado
To learn more, follow her on Instagram and learn more about
her work on her website.


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