WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home
WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home

WTN Planner 2020: Coming Home

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In the pages of this planner, we will share stories of people coming home, defining what that word means for them. 

If you could only take away one thing, we hope it would be this: home is never just a place. It is a space where you can take off your shoes and dance to your favorite song. It is in the company of the people who listen to your stories and understand you to the core. It is in the time you spend nurturing the dreams that matter to you most. 

Here are some of the features of our 2020 planner:

  • 11 stories of individuals defining what home means for them including features from Clara Benin, Hannah Reyes Morales, and Javi Cang
  • An interactive page where you write your own life story
  • Bucket list for the Philippines and anywhere in the world
  • Vacation leave list to plot life beyond 9 to 5
  • Tips on how to mindfully travel
  • Beyond small talk questions
  • Packing list for international travel
  • My core values
  • World Map
  • Checklist of provinces in the Philippines you've visited
  • 2020 & 2021 Calendar
  • Dateless monthly spreads & weekly pages
  • Bullet journal pages 

For every planner purchased, 5% of the profit will go to projects of the Aeta communities in Yangil & Botolan, Zambales. 


  • 15x21cm, Brown leatherette cover
  • Kraft cover for the inside pages
  • 168 pages, 80gsm cream paper
  • Logo debossing with belt lock
  • Elastic & Smythe-sewn binding

The cover sleeve is meant to protect the planner. Due to the nature of long-distance transit, the box might not arrive in its original form. 

Shipping & Stores

You can purchase offline at Fully Booked, NBS, and other partner stores. For international friends, we are also available at Amazon.

Local shipping is PHP 150. Our courier requires a standard plastic pouch for shipping. No additional plastic will be used for packaging. 

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Customer Reviews

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The go to travel planner

Always fun to write thoughts and ideas in this planner! We've been buying for 3 years straight! 💕 More power WTN! And keep all the amazing work coming!

Best Travel Planner ♥️

I often travel around the Philippines because of what I do for a living. Sometimes, I feel like travelling is inherent to work because of the strenuous duties, pre-empted by the routinary packing/unpacking. I wasn’t enjoying the journey and just focusing on the destination. Thanks to this planner, I realized that I have to re-assort my perspectives in life. I found out how lucky I was to be travelling and still have something to come home to whereever I go. The cute little note/reminder also made all the waiting worthwhile. Thank you WTN! I really love your planner. ♥️

Home Coming, The Bomb!

WTN PLANNER 2020: HOME COMING IS THE BOMB! WTN did not disappoint me. Level-up talaga ang planners nila every year like the cover is very nice and the content is also very inspiring 💖 Nothing can beat thr substance and purpose of WTN! Can't wait to bring this planner with me in my 2020 adventures! ❤

Thank you, WTN!

For a purpose

Every year I always look forward to the journals that WTN releases. Not only is it high in quality but purposeful as well. The travel journal is an inspiration to me and an also to others. But, the best part of it is a community that gives back to the people. The journal also includes stories of people that can inspire others to give back to the world.


This planner already has “substance” even without any writings. I like how authentic and raw the stories are and how it encourages the adventurers in us.