Who We Are


We created Where To Next because we wanted a space where we can be creative on our own terms.

Weekends became opportunities to bring people to the outdoors and witness them fall in love with it. By simply telling stories, we could inspire others to follow their curiosities, to make them feel less alone, and more understood.

Travel for us is no longer the desired end. It is just a means to connect and change people through our art.


Ayen dela Torre | Rachel Halili


Last year, for every planner sold, a tree was planted in the ancestral domain of the Yangil tribe in Zambales. Through the combined efforts of all the partner organizations and individuals involved, the tribe was able to plant 10,000 seedlings. But there is more work to be done. 

With the help of our friends in Mad Travel and The Circle Hostel, the proceeds of our 2019 planner will further strengthen our partnership with the Yangil tribe. We will also be working with another tribe dear to us, the LAKAS Community in Botolan, Zambales. 

The best way to help other people is to listen to their hopes and dreams and work together to find ways to make them happen. Thank you for helping us realize ours. You are a part of this amazing tribe. Let’s pay it forward.