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Who We Are


In 2014, we created Where To Next because we wanted a space where we could make art on our own terms. There was no business strategy nor three year plan, we were just two friends who decided that it was time to let our dreams run free. 

Armed with curiosity, weekends became opportunities for us to bring people to the outdoors and witness them fall in love with it. By telling stories, we could make others feel less alone and more understood.

In 2020, the world shifted and the future of travel is uncertain. Our platform was inspired by our adventures, but we aim to go beyond it. We want to hold space for people to speak their inner truths and pay attention to their set aside dreams. 

Travel for us is no longer the desired end. It is just a means to connect and change people through our art.


Ayen dela Torre | Rachel Halili


A portion of our proceeds will fund livelihood projects of Aeta communities in Yangil & Botolan, Zambales, Philippines. The focus is on two causes that are close to our hearts: reforestation and education.

Through Make A Difference Travel (MAD Travel), the Yangil community has been our advocacy partner since 2018. MAD Travel’s founder Raf Dionisio told us about their reforestation project and we were eager to be involved. Through the effort of various partners, the community is given seeds and tools for the soil. In return, the Aeta farmers plant trees in the barren mountains of their ancestral domain, an effort that benefits not just the tribe, but future generations. Proceeds from our past planners were used to purchase seeds and some of them are now fully grown trees. 

The LAKAS community in Botolan has been our partner since 2019. Their mission is to preserve and respect the Aeta culture through programs such as education and organic agriculture. Their community built one of the first indigenous people managed schools supported by the department of education. Proceeds from our past planners were used to build their daycare center. 

The best way to help other people is to listen first. Instead of thinking of solutions you can bring, notice what they are already doing. We believe in long term partnerships, we are constantly looking for ways to add value to the advocacies we believe in.