The Entrepreneur: Angely Dub

The person that I am today was made through a series of struggles. At the age of 14, my father passed away. He has always been an integral part of who I am - and life has been different since then. That loss fueled my drive to be more for my family and more for myself. I wanted to create something with the time I’m given. With the little money I had when I was 18, I decided to venture into entrepreneurship and start Access Travel.

It was the first of many steps I took to realize my purpose in life; to create opportunities for people to see what this world can offer. I share my hopes and fears as openly as I can to remind people of the value of not giving up and embracing the process.

I have learned to forgive my failures and not let the fear of uncertainty take control over my choices.

As the years go by, my team and I have navigated through many storms. It never gets easier, as we always strive to do more for our clients and our friends. I believe in providing value in its absolute form, building relationships with every single person who believed in me throughout this journey.  

As a young entrepreneur, I rely on the platforms that I understand and have access to. With our company, we use Instagram to curate stories and provide information to people who want to explore the world just like we do.

Anyone can travel. Anyone can organize trips for other people to join. But I hope people see that I love my job.

Whenever I’m leading a trip, I want to make sure my companions feel my excitement and care. The most important aspect of what I do is providing inspiration through unique travel destinations and experiences.

I understand the value of every peso that goes into traveling. The value of moments. That is why my team and I always go the extra mile to make every day count.


Story by Angely Dub

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